Neuroscientists have recently discovered that “Social Pain” is dealt with using the same resources, and area of the brain as our biggest fear “Physical Pain”. The extensive use of MRI brain scans has scientifically proven that if your employees feel undervalued, unfairly treated or measured, isolated, uncertain or undervalued, they will be experiencing Social Pain and therefore be in what neuroscientists call the “Minimise Danger” or “Threat State”. No biggie right? Wrong, these same scientists have proven that anyone in this state, anyone who is experiencing Social Pain, will be using up high levels of oxygen and glucose from the blood. Forcing the brain to divert resources away from the working memory function, responsible for processing new information and ideas, therefore impairing; analytical thinking, creative insight and problem solving. The very skills your agents need to meet customer needs, and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

The findings of this scientific research impact all employees no matter what industry, role, age, sex or race.

So, you have a call or contact centre and you want your agents to be happy, you want them to be engaged, healthy and motivated to do what is expected of them? How can you use science to make sure firstly your existing wallboards are not doing more harm than good, and you create brain centric wallboard templates in the future?

SJS offer one on one, remote consultancy sessions with contact centre managers / owners, who wish to create brain centric wallboards and agent environments. These sessions include analysis of existing wallboard designs, with tips on how to modify these designs to avoid pushing agents into the “Minimise Danager” State and towards the “Maximise Reward State”.

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