Did you know that Neuroscientists have recently discovered that “Social Pain” is dealt with using the same resources, and area of the brain as our biggest fear “Physical Pain”.  In fact at some point today almost all of your CSRs / agents will feel somewhat undervalued, unfairly treated or measured, isolated, uncertain or undervalued and will therefore experience “Social Pain” themselves. It’s not always easy to see this happening, plus a lot of this is happening in the subconscious, you need to be very perceptive which is hard to do when you have so many other challenges to deal with. However the fact remains that any agent who has any of these negative feelings will be in what neuroscientists call the “Minimise Danger State“, a state where oxygen and glucose from their blood is unnecessary used up, forcing their brains to divert resources away from the working memory function, responsible for processing new information and ideas. Therefore impairing; analytical thinking, creative insight and problem solving. This downwards spiral then accelerates as agents in this state deliver poor performance, take less calls and creating more customer complaints resulting in more work for managers and supervisors, and less time to be perceptive and sensitive to your agents wellbeing.

This is why at SJS we don’t simply deliver innovative technological solutions to enhance call and contact centres, instead by combining our advanced wallboard design software “Optymyse” with FREE science based consultancy services, we give you the tools to understand the science behind Human Performance and create Brain Centric Wallboards and environments, capable of increasing agent wellbeing and performance.

Contact us today and we’ll share with you the very same science backed techniques many organisations are paying tens of thousands in consultancy fees to obtain. All we ask is that you’re open minded and ready to challenge traditional metrics and agent performance measurement tools.