Michael Jeffares, Service Operations Manager responsible for the Unify OpenScape Contact Centres used by The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) customers told SJS Solutions, the developers of the world’s first Brain Centric Wallboard Solution;

“DVSA are always open to innovative ways to improve both the service we provide to our customers and the well-being of our contact centre employees, which is why I was so delighted with today’s call with SJS Solutions, we gained exactly what we wanted, it proved to be thought provoking and has given us some new ideas and a new angle on how we use our Optymyse Brain Centric Wallboards to improve human performance and wellness.”

SJS Solutions take a unique approach to improving human performance and wellness in call centres, contact centre, sales and helpdesk environments all over the globe, using neuroscience SJS work closely with their clients to ensure they first understand how to create environments which are aligned with the working principles of their employees brains. Then using a scientific approach they empower customers to use their highly flexible wallboard software “Optymyse” to ensure a brain centric, S.C.A.R.F compliant mix of; metrics, intelligent thresholds, messaging and content is delivered to employees.

“We do much more than simply develop outstanding wallboard software; our goal is to educate our audiences to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to create environments capable of improving human performance and wellness. By combining the latest findings into how our brains react to work situations with over 20 years’ experience in Customer Care and CX we help our customers drive real change and improvements.” Stephen Pace, CEO, SJS Solutions Ltd.

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About SJS Solutions Ltd: Founded in 2001 SJS Solutions have dedicated over 18 years to the improvement of human performance and wellness at call centres, contact centres, help desks and sales desks across the globe. Using a unique scientific approach, combined with the only Brain Centric Wallboard Solution in the world (www.optymyse.com) SJS deliver the tools to create brain centric environments capable of solving expensive workforce challenges, reducing costs and increasing profits. Optymyse is the only wallboard solution scientifically proven to reduce workforce problems.