So what if Optymyse is the world’s most flexible contact center wallboard software? Does that mean it will help you tackle costly issues like absenteeism, stress, employee disengagement and staff churn?

YES! SJS have been optimizing contact centers since 2001, before this our founder was managing, auditing and optimizing contact centers all over the world. When you choose Optymyse not only are you getting the very latest browser-based Screen Designer Technology, along with a super simple deployment process (Cloud or On Premise), you also gain access to our experience along with the very latest research into how the human brain behaves in the workplace.

The combination of Contact Center Experience, Neuroscience and Technology guarantees that Optymyse will outperform any other wallboard solution on the market.

Here are some examples of what you’ll learn when you purchase Optymyse:

• When you use our data integration tools to create a fair and rounded view of agent performance across all activities rather than a one sided, unfair call handling wallboard, the science shows that you’ll meet agent needs by being Fair and increasing their Status, this results in higher engagement, less stress and a higher desire to do well.

• When you use Optymyse Boolean Triggers to reduce unnecessary negative “Calls Waiting” and instead create triggers which combine multiple metrics, not only do you ensure your agents have instant access to the right advice at the right time, the science shows you reduce stress, increase Fairness, Autonomy and Certainty.

• Use our advanced scheduling and guarantee you always make a fuss of agents when they have a birthday, work anniversary, achieve an award or use it to keep agents informed of new product releases, new processes and good news stories. These techniques are scientifically proven to create stronger teams by increasing Relatedness.
Along with triggering training content to appear when agents are not adhering to certain rules and creating a strong feeling of brand belonging, making your contact center SCARF compliant will reduce your most costly and challenging people problems.

If you would like to receive a branded, customized Optymyse wallboard please visit the website, alternatively you can contact [email protected] and request access to our latest webinar “Using Neuroscience to tackle Workforce Issues” , schedule a call back or visit us at