Working from home – be careful what you wish for

Prior to 2020, the idea that your boss might ask you to work from home was a bit like winning the lottery. Lovely if it happened, but probably a bit far-fetched. Prior to 2020, the idea that your boss would force you to work from home would have sounded completely absurd! Be careful what you wish for.

It’s happening a lot right now. In the United States, big name companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple – even NASA – are mandating that their employees work from home where possible, for as long as possible and the UK is “working from home”. We are truly in unchartered territory. 

The current coronavirus outbreak has taught us all many things. It has opened up huge philosophical questions and made us re-evaluate our purpose. We’re learning more and more about how adaptable we are, but also about actually how many jobs it is possible to get done remotely. Many industry experts are starting to question whether this is the beginning of a fundamental shift in how we all work – and whether things can ever be the same again. Are we witnessing the end of the commuting and could this be what our planet needs? 

Only time will tell of course. In the meantime, the most important thing for all of us is to stay safe and try to ride this storm out with our mental and physical health and our economies intact. At times like this, governments and industries need contact centres like never before. As stock prices plummet, travel options shrink and health concerns grow, people get anxious. This means that call centres are increasingly being left with the very human task of helping millions of people get answers to questions that have simply never been asked before.  

At SJS, the Coronavirus situation has got us asking the big questions too: How can we take care of employees when we’re not allowed to see each other? How can we best help our customers help their customers? Can a contact centre be run from home during a lockdown situation? We are doing everything we can to support you so you can in turn do everything you can to support the people who need you most right now. This is why we’ve been giving away FREE Optymyse Agile licenses to support remote working during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

With an Optymyse Agile license, you have the complete flexibility to take your regular Optymyse wallboard home with you and display it on a mobile phone or tablet device – without the need for a second screen! Bringing Optymyse home means that you have access to the same real time metrics as well as the important messages and alerts which support and encourage your teams. This will not only help keep everyone mentally well and motivated as they adjust to working remotely, but it will also allow them to better support your customers during this incredibly busy and stressful time. We’ve made a short video to show you how it all works. You can watch it here. 

To take advantage of this offer and claim your free Optymyse Agile licenses, email [email protected] or visit today. 

Stay safe and healthy out there. We’re here for you every step of the way!