Back to work after Covid19

As many countries look towards easing their lockdown restrictions, we’ve been reflecting on what we can do to help. We have put together a list of 5 things we think will reduce stress and protect your employees when they return to work:

1.       Make sure your employees know the new rules around hygiene and social distancing:

There has been so much uncertainty in the world of late, so the best thing we can do now is make sure you keep this clear, practical information available at all times. With Optymyse, you can do this by including virtual noticeboards in your Optymyse templates and you can also share public health videos.

2.       Reconnect socially:

Show how much you care about your agents by scheduling birthday and work anniversary messages so that they appear regularly on your wallboards. This lets everyone feel valued, recognised and connected – and will also help lighten the mood.

3.       Keep communicating:

Keeping employees informed of what is happening operationally will allow them to be more prepared for the types of questions they will receive from customers. The scientific evidence shows this will reduce stress – leading to an increased customer and employee experience.

4.       Empower your agents to deliver the best possible customer experience:

In order to ensure long term survival, taking care of – and retaining – your customers is more important than ever before. Your agents are a critical part of the entire Customer Experience process, so consider sharing live CSAT metrics, customer feedback and NPS scores with your agents via Optymyse so they can take ownership of Customer Experience.

5.       Deploy Optymyse Agile Licenses:

If you are planning to keep some of your team at home in the longer term, consider deploying our Optymyse Agile Licenses. This will allow your home workers to get the same operational information they need as well as social messages, birthdays and anniversaries.

If you’d like our assistance with creating a #backtowork template, or if you would like to order Agile licenses contact us, let us know. We’re happy to help!