Did you know that the 18th – 24th of May is mental health awareness week in the UK?

At SJS Solutions, we understand the importance of taking care of each other, especially during these stressful and uncertain times. Did you also know that Optymyse was specifically designed to improve the mental wellbeing of all contact centre employees? It’s literally the reason why the product – and our company – exists.

In case you are not already aware, here are 5 top tips to help you make sure Optymyse is working effectively to protect the mental health of all your agents:

  1. Schedule important events. Humans are social animals and we love being recognised and celebrated. With Optymyse, you can bulk schedule birthday messages, work anniversaries and whole host of other events that will help your agents to feel valued, recognised and connected.
  2. Set up Boolean triggers. Are your dashboard alerts creating a negative environment by penalising agents for things they have no real control over? If so, you could be seriously impacting your agents’ mental wellbeing. Optymyse Smart Contact Centre Visuals allow you to set up Boolean triggers which allow you to improve performance whilst treating employees fairly and avoiding unnecessary stress and panic. 
  3. Add a Social Media scroller. Providing your agents with live information is a fantastic way to increase their certainty – and lower their stress levels. Why not add a Twitter feed to your wallboard so they can keep up-to-date with company announcements as they happen? You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.
  4. Use Live Updates. Let’s face it, no-one likes unpleasant surprises! They can be stressful and can make people feel like they are losing control. This is not good for anyone’s mental health. Using Live Updates lets you keep agents in the loop as real-world conditions change. This gives your agents the autonomy and confidence to effectively deal with customer queries, and creates positive experiences on both sides of the conversation.
  5. Deploy Optymyse Agile. Many agents are currently facing the added stress of having to work remotely – often in inappropriate office environments without the all-important social interactions that they need. Optymyse Agile allows agents to take their Smart Visuals home with them – giving them access the metrics and messaging in a familiar and easy to use format, as well as keeping them socially connected.

We’ve put together a short, 2-minute video showing how these features look, how they can help you to optimise your contact centre and – most importantly – how they can help protect the mental wellbeing of your agents –

If you’d like our assistance with creating a SCARF-compliant template, or if you would like to order Agile licenses, please Contact Us we’re happy to help!