How lowering stress delivers customer delight.

Unlike animals, human beings can turn on stress hormones through thought alone.

We’ve all watched the Gazelle being chased by a lioness, and I sincerely hope none of us ever experience THAT level of stress, but what’s amazing is 15 minutes after running for it’s life that same Gazelle will have zero stress and be back to grazing.

Human beings on the other hand can be in no physical danger and still activate the Sympathetic Nervous System (the fight or flight system that helps us deal with perceived threats in our external environment) just by worrying about stuff like:

· Am I doing well enough compared to others and my own expectations?

· Can I complete my projects on time?

· What do my employees really think of me?

It’s a scientific fact that the hormones of stress (Cortisol and Adrenaline) downregulate our genes to create disease, which means that your thoughts can literally make you sick. The good news is your thoughts can also make you well!

Some studies have shown that over 90% of disease and illness today is linked to lifestyle and stress, not genetics. So if you’re running a call or contact centre you’re going to want to reduce the production of stress hormones, which in turn shut down the immune system, for both yourself and your teams. Not only is this a great way to reduce vulnerability to disease, infection, and cancer, its also a very good way to increase Customer Satisfaction.

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Final thought from the scientists…

Consider this: people produce cancer cells every day, the good news is a healthy immune system can get rid of these. If you’re constantly stressed your body will be less likely to be able to protect you against the multiplication of cancer cells.