How Newday Cards keep 700 contact centre employees connected and engaged.

Everyday we get to work with great people who care about their employees and colleagues. Take John Myers at financial services company NewDay Cards as an example. John’s a Management Information and Planning Professional, with over a decades experience helping organisations make the most of their investments in people. But what impressed us the most and what you’ll hear when you watch this interview is how much passion John and NewDay have for looking after the mental health and well being of their teams.

Unlike many in his field John has stepped out of his comfort zone and rather than stopping at FTE’s, Scheduling and Occupancy Rates, through working with SJS he now understands the science behind creating agent happiness and he’s applying this to his role at NewDay.

Earlier this month our CEO Steve Pace sat down with John to ask him how working with SJS and using our Smart Contact Centre Visuals Software “Optymyse” has helped him to create comfort, familiarity and certainty for employees who have been forced to work at home, and how the process of combining neuroscience with Optymyse visuals resulted in those same employees giving him such a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

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