Is keeping your best people about to get harder?

According to the 2021 State of the Contact Center Report by 8×8 the future of contact centres is a hybrid mix of on-site and remote agents, so how can companies ensure that those employees, responsible for creating positive customer experiences, feel as comfortable doing this at home as they do in a full feature onsite contact centre?

One way is to provide the same rich, engaging content to home workers via mobile devices and desktops, as is delivered to onsite workers via TV screens.

“When lockdown happened, there was an urgent need to make sure we were still in touch with people working remotely. When you become detached from your comfort zone and team dynamic you feel isolated. Optymyse was the lifeline we needed, it allowed us to create familiarity and link people back to the contact centre and their colleagues” John Myers – Operations MI at NewDay (finance)

Many companies are banking on the fact that now agents can have more flexibility they will be more loyal, but it’s more likely that now geographic location is less important, companies with the highest levels of employee experience and satisfaction will lure the best agents and gain competitive advantage.

In Adobe’s 2021 State of Work Report, 49% workers say they’re likely to leave their current job if they’re unhappy or frustrated with workplace tech.

For many small to mid-sized contact centres its simply not financially possible to rip out existing contact centre solutions and move to an all singing all dancing omnichannel product, so instead, enhancing what they have to make sure mental health and employee engagement is being addressed is a great way to reduce the chances of losing their best agents to their competition.

“Compatible with most contact centre solutions Optymyse is a superb way to improve communications and create certainty while focusing on agent needs at home and onsite”

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