Frantic businesses searching for help supporting their employees’ wellbeing.

According to online search term data, there’s been a substantial increase in demand for technology that can help with supporting organisations to protect the impact they have on the well being and health of their employees.

It’s also worth mentioning that in the UK organisations are facing more and more employee claims for Psychiatric Damage caused by workplace stress. According to the HSE, pay outs range from £1,795, where there is a complete recovery within three months up to £108,620 for serious long-term effects of stress, having adverse effects upon quality of life.

So how much more demand is their for employee wellness solutions?

Data shows, the search terms “introducing wellbeing at work” and “employee wellbeing platform” saw increases of 900% and 800% respectively in 2020 compared to 2019.

“When you see Optymyse having a positive affect and you get great feedback, it’s a wow factor that makes everyone feel really good. I’ve not used a product that allows me do so much and to deliver such a positive experience with such ease” John Myers – Operations MI at NewDay.

For obvious financial reasons if you are already suppling contact centre, call centre and collaboration solutions to the UK market you’ll want to benefit from this opportunity. However there is a much bigger opportunity because the research we have done into Motivational Psychology shows that when wellbeing and engagement is good users will deliver higher levels of performance, take less time off sick and deliver better customer care.

Therefore it makes sense to take a serious look at how you can help customers tackle mental health and wellbeing at work because it will help them extract higher levels of ROI and success from the technology you have already sold them, making it more likely for them to stay with you and buy more from you.

If you’d like to learn why Optymyse is the perfect platform for increasing well being at work and how by working together we can provide both the technology, and the know-how needed to create people friendly environments scientifically proven to improve wellbeing get in touch.

“When lockdown happened, there was an urgent need to make sure we were still in touch with people working remotely. When you become detached from your comfort zone and team dynamic you feel isolated. Optymyse was the lifeline we needed, it allowed us to create familiarity and link people back to the contact centre and their colleagues” John Myers – Operations MI at NewDay (finance)