Mental Health Is Not Optional!

Let me start by making a bold statement which is based on 25 years working in customer care, a basic understanding of Neuroscience and a desire to look after people.

Organizations which ignore Mental Health, Employee Engagement and Wellness are contributing towards a lowering of immune systems, which result in illnesses (physical and mental) and ultimately a reduction in their employees’ life expectancy.

Sounds dramatic right? Think about it for a moment, we work for 40-50 years of our lives and spend on average 42.5 hours a week working, so it makes sense that if half of the hours we are awake are filled with stress, disengagement and worry it’s going to impact our health right?

Science has now proven that stress hormones not only cause illness, but they down-regulate our gene’s making us less likely to enjoy an illness free existence. The good news is if we replace stress with feelings of satisfaction and happiness, the healthy hormones produced will not only make us healthier, they will also allow us to pass this happiness onto our customers.

OK so I don’t think any of you will want to be responsible for creating illness or shortening the lives of your employees, that’s not what you signed up for. So what can be done to reduce stress and create environments where employees feel connected, engaged and happy in their work?

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