Maximising ROI with help from Agent Assistance Software.

There are some very cool AI based solutions that claim to improve customer experience by providing agents with real time assistance based on phone conversations, keystrokes etc. In fact the likes of TalkDesk, 8×8, NiceIncontact and many others have all launched some really powerful solutions, which have great potential. But, what if your agents aren’t happy enough for this new technology to deliver any kind of benefit? What if they are too stressed or disengaged?

Before investing in tools which rely on achieving higher levels of Customer Experience to deliver decent ROI, there’s an initial step needed to ensure your employees are in the right state of mind.

One very useful test you can run is to check that the way you communicate, set targets and manage employees is SCARF compliant. SCARF is a set of elements, which Neuroscience has discovered will either trigger the human brain into a “Fight or Flight” mode where stress hormones are released or, and this is what you’re aiming for, the “Reward” state where hormones like dopamine and oxytocin are released.

Watch the overview of how SCARF works and how it will help you maximise ROI, plus protect your employees mental health. I hope you find it useful, don’t forget to subscribe! Thank You.