Meditators Test Results Stun Scientists

As someone who meditates for at least one hour every day the results of this extraordinary study do not surprise me, but what makes this so exciting is the way this evidence will change the way we view meditation, immunity, and health.

In my opinion in the last few decades, we have become too dependent on pharmaceuticals and turned our back on methods which have proven to be effective long before we embarked on the quick-fix, chemical route. Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and other systems have been used to protect people from disease and ageing for thousands of years and as someone who has practiced Martial Arts and Qi Gong for decades, I can honestly say that at 51 years old I have zero health issues, almost never feel unwell, low in energy or find doing sport, or other strenuous activities any more difficult than they were when I was 30. This is no coincidence.

With the pioneering work of people like Joe Dispenza and the scientists that have been working along side him, for the first-time science can be used to prove without doubt that with regular practice, the mind can and will strengthen your blood, your cells and immune system as well as upregulate your NDA. Just as stress hormones have been proven to down regulate your NDA, regular meditation with a clear focus and elevated emotion has now been proven to reduce your chances of catching viruses like Covid, protects your cells from becoming cancerous and improves your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are some highlights from the study

  • The plasma from experienced meditators literally “shut down cancer cell metabolism” Dr Hemel H. Patel Phd
  • By using blood samples of people who don’t practice meditation, those who are new to it, and practice daily, plus those who are experienced meditators, a team of respected scientists, doctors and statisticians have scientific proof that meditation increases the production of a protein (SERPINA5) which literally stops viruses like Covid from entering your cells. What this means is 60 minutes of guided meditation (I recommend Joe Dispenza because of his background in Neuroscience and the positive experiences I have had following his meditations for the last 3 years) your likelihood of catching viruses is reduced, the symptoms are less severe and you will recover faster.
  • Many people spend a fortune buying foods that are gut friendly or promise to increase good bacteria. This study shows that all we need to do is Meditate.  The science shows that people who Meditate daily have more diversity of microbes in the gut. This equates to reduced inflammation, less pathogenic species and improved digestion. And you save money!

Hopefully this has convinced you to consider starting to meditate, if it has and you would like to learn more about the benefits, please join us on our next workshop, where we’ll help you get started and succeed in making meditation a tool you can use to improve your health and happiness.

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