5 ways to welcome your employees back

Welcome agents back to call centres, contact centres and helpdesks by replacing traditional wallboard metrics with content that enhances their work lives, wellness and mental health.

“The great return to work” is giving employers the chance to finally put the health and wellbeing of their employees at the top of the agenda.

  1. Resist simply pushing call handling dashboards from your CCaaS solution onto TV screens and instead ask yourself “What content would make my team feel welcome, supported and valued” Here’s an example – https://youtu.be/ijfjZPdp3rs
  2. Avoid isolating your agents by forcing them to continue to rely solely on their desktops for information. Placing information on a shared TV screen not only brings people together it gives more importance to your messages and creates a common goal. Moving your head away from your desktop is also a useful way to alleviate stress.
  3. Avoid only displaying metrics from one source, agents want to know more than how they are doing at taking calls. As a general rule agents only need to know how busy the centre is, how much resource there is to take those calls, and how fast the calls are being answered. This can be conveyed with just three metrics, or by triggering images (far more effective) or colours. Here’s an example – https://youtu.be/MJQI4WIJjME
  4. Schedule messages to ensure agents know what you know and are pre-warned about possible future changes or issues that will impact them and your customers. Share, communicate and trust your agents by sharing information via virtual notice boards and scrollers. Here’s an example – https://youtu.be/0cu1wTJDoVs
  5. Trigger alerts which both remind agents when things are getting busy and reward agents for good performance. Everyone has seen the wallboards with all the flashing red alerts but how often do you see recognition of a job well done, or an indicator that taking a break is OK right now? John Myers, workforce management analyst for NewDay Cards explains this very well – https://youtu.be/EJX5CPijnxw

If you’d like to look after your agents and welcome them back with compassion get in touch, we connect with most CCaaS systems and can help you create happy, healthy environments – https://www.sjssolutions.com/get-in-touch/