Police Control Room Wallboards you never thought possible

According to science, traditional wallboards increase stress and miss the mark when it comes to officer engagement, mental health and wellness. This is why over a third of UK Police Authorities have ditched their dull, metric heavy wallboards and are now using Optymyse.

So what’s the difference between a cheap, metric only wallboard or dashboard and Optymyse?

Well firstly Optymyse provides Police control room management with a set of tools, which allows them to create just about any type of design, and the ability to incorporate techniques which are scientifically  proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of value, connection and fairness.

Optymyse also lends itself to other neuroscientific principles, for example our ability to process images 600% faster than we can numbers, or the fact that when officers have access to the information they need to feel certain, this lowers the production of stress hormones.

When it comes to Police control rooms a critical success factor will always be speed to answer 99 calls. Since 2009 SJS have been fine tuning the way Optymyse collects, processes and delivers data to TV screens and desktops, and today we offer the fastest refresh rates on the market, but what if you want to share more than just call handling metrics on one wallboard? With Optymyse we can either use our REST API to create a real time connector, or you can seamlessly embed reports and dashboards from other systems.

And what about using Optymyse as a virtual trainer? Using our message scheduler you can plan messages, reminders and personal celebrations ahead of when you need them and leave Optymyse to deliver this information in an easy to digest format at exactly the right time. You can even link messages, video or images to your metrics, therefore stimulating the brain and avoiding the boredom created by traditional wallboards.

If you would like to speak to some of our existing Police customers about their experience with SJS, our unrivalled Police support and the flexibility provided by Optymyse, please get in touch so we can connect you with the right people.