Great news for Content Guru Cloud Contact Centre (Storm) Customers

If you run a call or contact centre, bored of the same old wallboards and or WFH dashboards and you know anything about the importance of employee engagement, mental health and wellness and the impact this has on cost and performance, you’ll be delighted to hear that Optymyse is now able to deliver an engaging mix of content, along with real time metrics from Content Guru’s Cloud Contact Centre Solution, Storm.

According to various studies; with every £1 you invest in employee mental health you can expect £5 back, companies in the top quartile for employee engagement enjoy 23% higher profits and an 81% reduction in absenteeism. This makes a very strong case for evolving away from metric only dashboards towards more engaging, people focused communication solutions like Optymyse.

If you’d like to learn more about how working with SJS will give you the tools and confidence to create happy, healthy, engaging work environments at home and onsite, get in touch or click here to hook Optymyse up to Content Guru API and bring your metrics and more to life! –