Contact Centre Secret Sauce Revealed…

Whether you’re part of the buying process for contact centre technology, or one of the CS Leadership Team, you’re going to want to hear this.

There is a very simple way you can increase ROI on any investment you’ve made into contact centre solutions, staffing, recruitment and training.

The approach is based on Neuroscientific Principles which have been widely tested to be effective in improving employee performance, moral, mental health and wellness for teams of employees under high demand so your contact centre environment is the perfect environment.

Optymyse is something contact centre leaders have been asking for but have been told it’s not possible. I am here to tell you that your dream of a happy, healthy work environment where agents are engaged and supported without the need for additional supervisors, team leaders or managers can be a reality, for a fraction of the cost.

Optymyse is a brain centric visual communications tool that gives organisations like yours the ability to schedule and trigger the sharing of engaging, information and metrics that supports agents in the delivery of outstanding customer care, without any extra stress! What makes the Optymyse Journey special is the way we deliver the solution, template designs and communication advice in a very short time, all under the banner of contact centre visuals (dashboards, wallboards in old money).

The process is backed by Neuroscience and leverages Motivational Psychology to ensure that what you display is both supportive, motivational, engaging and empowering. Compared to what many contact centres share on TV screens, desktops and mobile devices, Optymyse delivers well thought out, brain centric templates which are aligned with your objectives. We will explain why our approach will deliver better results with less stress, absenteeism and disengagement and assist you in creating visuals which enhance what you have today and allow you to create a happy, healthy work environment.

Optymyse is able to capture and display any kind of information you have available, this is likely to start with the real time data from your contact centre solution, but could evolve into something much bigger than that. Imagine a set of templates specific to each of your audiences where images and moods change based on a perfectly defined set of SLA’s and where very few actual numbers are needed. Imagine a solution that will allow you to share information from any of your core systems; customer feedback, NPS, CSAT and so on. A system where you can guarantee that your teams have the latest information, in a friendly format, even when you’re on your holidays, a system that you can program months in advance.

Optymyse is a healthier alternative to the barrage of contact centre metrics most agents are subjected to via traditional dashboards and wallboards.

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