Optymyse not on App Market Place..

You won’t find Optymyse on app marketplaces because we believe to improve employee engagement, wellbeing and performance, and tackle expensive issues like absenteeism and staff turnover you need to first understand how your employees think and how to meet their human needs. Optymyse includes the functionality to do this, but in our experience 1-2% of contact centre leaders know how to properly use dashboards and wallboards to create happy, healthy work environments.

It’s our passion for what we do that keeps us from selling Optymyse as a downloadable App. We know that most CS Leaders need help in understanding what their employees’ human needs are and how to meet them, also what metrics could be causing stress and the science behind happy, healthy employees.

Here at SJS we want to change the way CS leaders share information with their employees. As a by product of this process, our customers learn the psychology of motivation, the scientifically proven SCARF model and how to use this information to become better leaders while creating engaging, people friendly visuals that support them in achieving their targets.

Optymyse is compatible with most of the well known contact centre solutions on the market today including: Avaya, Unify, Cisco, Mitel, 8×8, RingCentral, CXOne, Puzzel, Content Guru and others.

If you are a CS leader and would like to learn some simple tips you can use to reduce stress in yourself and your team, get in touch today!