2 ways leaders can use kindness to improve health..

Every time you do something kind for others your immune system gets a well needed boost, your body becomes more balanced, and your blood pressure lowers.

As the incidents of stress related diseases (dis-ease) continue to impact leaders across the globe, it’s nice to know that simple acts of kindness can reduce stress and increase longevity.

Our health and wellness is determined by the hormones we create in our heads, so with the right level of awareness and by becoming consciousness of the emotions that trigger hormones, we are able to take positive steps to improving our overall health.

One very easy method is to simply be kind to others in your workplace. Let’s face it we spend a lot of time at work, but how often do we think “I wonder who I can be kind to today?”.

Here’s a simple method any manager, supervisor, senior executive or business owner can use to improve their own wellbeing, immunity and mental health, while reducing employee turnover, disengagement and mistakes:

Become more sensitive to opportunities to be kind to people, even if they are performing badly. It’s a mindset.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Am I really conscious of the time and energy my team are investing in the job?

What can I say to people that will help them understand how much I value them?

How can I sincerely express my gratitude to my team?

How can I make sure my team have a voice?

Where / when am I taking my team for granted?

Forget your needs and your ego for a moment. It’s very easy to place our own needs above those of others, by doing this we are guaranteed to miss kindness opportunities because we are too hung up on how hard we work and comparing our abilities to others.

Remember that finding opportunities to be kind are just as important, if not more important as finding mistakes.

P.S. These work at home with your partner and kids as well.

Research shows that people who feel valued / loved by their boss / company are 3.2x more likely to promote you and your company to others, this makes recruiting talent easier and cheaper.

There are also a heap of other benefits including lower absenteeism, better performance, higher CSAT / NPS, profits and more.

So next time you rock up to the office, or run a team meeting keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to be kind, it could save your life!

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