Never miss an opportunity to praise your team…

Contact Centres are not easy places to work at, even when you’re working remotely. There’s a lot of systems to understand, knowledge to hold in your brain and stress from KPIs and customer dissatisfaction. So, when you get the chance to praise your team you must take it!

Unfortunately, with remote working being so common its hard to be in the right place at the right time to give praise to people. Here at SJS we know how important recognition is, in fact its one of the key drivers for employee satisfaction, that’s why with our Digital Engagement Solution “Optymyse” we’ve made it easy for you to set up fun, engaging and motivational triggers based on KPI performance.

Here’s how it works, simply select an image or animation you’d like to appear on your agents desktop or wallboards and using Smart Triggers tell Optymyse when to display your image, it could be a simple thumbs up or an animation with a well done message. Each trigger can be set up in accordance to performance across multiple data sets and data items, for example: Show Thumbs up icon when SLA is above 90, calls in Q are below 10 and CSAT is above X.

The beauty of these positive triggers is that once you’ve set them up Optymyse will never miss an opportunity to praise your agents. TRY OPTYMYSE 4FREE! –