4 Jan 2015

End of Year Blog – 2014 has been a great year for visual communications and customer care.  

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2014 has been a great year for visual communications and customer care, with most companies now investing more in their contact centres and agents than ever before. This year we (SJS) have helped more companies improve agent communications and in turn improve customer loyalty and profitability than any other year in our 14 year history.

4 Jan 2015

Common contact center problems Optymyse™ solves.

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Lost customers caused by nervous agents, unable to answer questions the first time What is the cost of one lost customer?   Transferred calls or being placed on hold How many people will your customers tell if they are dissatisfied?   Inconsistent service levels caused by poor resource planning & lack of knowledge Inconsistent service

4 Jan 2015

Healthcare giant Pacific Source adopts SJS Visual Communications Solution for their state of art Contact Centres.

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Visual Communications experts SJS Solutions in partnership with Inflow Communications of Oregon has provided the healthcare giant Pacific Source with a high tech new approach to modern contact centres focussed on improving the agent environment and customer satisfaction.  Today many organisations consider their call and contact centers to be the key asset providing the primary

16 Dec 2014

Customer satisfaction drops 12 percent according to new research.

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An 18 month study by UK Bright found that the proportion of customers saying they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their experience had declined from 62% to 50% over 18 months, according to research from two million consumers. With more than 1 million people employed in Call and Contact Centres in the UK, it