Customer Success Stories

Customer Stories: Cheshire East CC
Customer Stories: NewDay
Customer Stories: Warmworks

Andy Dennehy, Cheshire East CC, United Kingdom

“The deployment of the Free Agile licenses was very swift and straight forward once the license key was in place. One agent replied with ‘Amazing , thank-you so much’ so I guess it was appreciated a lot. Thanks for the licenses, it’s a great gesture and really is beneficial to the advisors and I think helps try to maintain a small sense of normality around very unsettled times.”

John Myers, NewDay, United Kingdom

“When lockdown happened, there was an urgent need to make sure we were still in touch with people working remotely. When you become detached from your comfort zone and team dynamic you feel isolated. Optymyse was the lifeline we needed, it allowed us to create familiarity and link people back to the contact centre and their colleagues”

To see our interview with John Myers, click here.

Michal Drozdowicz, Warmworks, United Kingdom

“I’d like to thank SJS on behalf of my colleagues and our customers, who are very often some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland. Optymyse is going to make a huge difference. Massive thanks from all of us.”

Customer Stories: Daimler
Customer Stories: Awaze
Customer Stories: Beneva

Andrey Abrikosov, Daimler, Lithuania

“Having Optymyse Agile, we are able to organize our agents’ work better. Now all the agents working remotely can see the same screen as the one they are accustomed to. Besides, we can do quick customizations and adjust the screens to the changing circumstances.”

Neil Jones, Awaze, United Kingdom

“Our Optymyse deployment has been in place for several years offering valuable real time contact centre data, as well as other promotional/staff information expanding to our Earby/Lowestoft/Maidstone and Exeter sites. Great and flexible product, simple deployment/ BAU management supported by a high level service from SJS Solutions.”

Francois Lemieux, Beneva, Canada

“The additional screen design features are great, but the main reason we chose Optymyse is the time it saves us on administration, compared to the other systems we looked at.”

Customer Stories: Portland Travel
Customer Stories: Agnew Holdings Ltd
Customer Stories: Abbott

Matt Hill, Portland Travel, United Kingdom

“Great training, the Optymyse system is flexible and has already had a beneficial impact on the organisation. Thank you very much!”

Nigel Skilling, Agnew Holdings Ltd, United Kingdom

“I’m really impressed with how flexible Optymyse is and blown away with the diversity of the designs on offer. I’m looking forward to learning more about its capabilities.”

Lee Wedlow, Abbott, Livermore, CA

“The SJS Solutions team is second to none. The professionalism, detailed analysis and follow through is a breath of fresh air. This team is a class act! Thank you very much!”