At SJS, we know what makes people tick

We have been optimising contact centres around the world for over two decades.

“I’ve worked in customer contact centres for most of my professional career. I formed SJS Solutions to pursue my dream of a world in which everyone has the knowledge to ethically harness the power of motivational psychology.”

— Stephen Pace, CEO

Stephen Pace

From humble beginnings, SJS has grown into a contact centre optimisation company with a global presence. For the last two decades our goal has been to put contact centre employees first and develop solutions that deliver real savings and real results.


Our mission is to deliver unique training, consultancy and visual software solutions so that everyone involved with running contact centres can harness the power of motivational psychology to unlock their full potential.


To make the health and happiness of people a priority and by doing so unburden contact centres of expensive workforce issues and give them the tools to create customer and employee satisfaction.


We practice what we preach.
We believe in the transformative power of our approach.
We want to unlock the power of human potential.