3 more Police Authorities swap standard control room wallboards for Optymyse.

Some say bad things come in threes, not in this case, SJS are delighted to have started new journeys with 3 more of the UK’s Police Authorities taking our total to 12. Thanks in part to a strong relationship with Unify which goes back over a decade, SJS have had the pleasure of helping UK Police forces to better understand the science behind employee engagement, stress and performance. This in turn has meant higher levels of call handing performance while keeping the wellbeing of offices at the forefront of what we do. In addition to the unrivalled levels of flexibility and functionality provided as part of the Optymyse visual mental health and wellness solution, I believe it’s the educational and support element that delights our police customers more than anything else we do. Demonstrating the scientific evidence which supports a …

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Idaho based DataTel Communications first US Partner to achieve gold status.

Leading telecommunications and contact center solutions provider DataTel Communications become the first US partner awarded Gold Partner Status by visual mental health and wellness solutions developers SJS Solutions Ltd.  Joining a distinguished list of SJS Gold partners from Europe, Idaho based DataTel Communications has completed training on topics such as SCARF, Motivational Psychology, Employee Wellness, Mental Health and Employee Engagement in Contact Center environments. “We’re delighted that DataTel Communications have become our first Gold Partner in the US, their desire to learn how to reduce stress, sickness and disengagement was evident from our very first conversation. This desire to understand more about what makes people happy in their work is supported by a passion to deliver much more than technology. I can honestly say I’ve never worked with a more people focussed, caring group of professionals”. Stephen Pace, CEO, SJS …

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How Newday Cards keep 700 contact centre employees connected and engaged.

Everyday we get to work with great people who care about their employees and colleagues. Take John Myers at financial services company NewDay Cards as an example. John’s a Management Information and Planning Professional, with over a decades experience helping organisations make the most of their investments in people. But what impressed us the most and what you’ll hear when you watch this interview is how much passion John and NewDay have for looking after the mental health and well being of their teams. Unlike many in his field John has stepped out of his comfort zone and rather than stopping at FTE’s, Scheduling and Occupancy Rates, through working with SJS he now understands the science behind creating agent happiness and he’s applying this to his role at NewDay. Earlier this month our CEO Steve Pace sat down with John …

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