Great news for Content Guru Cloud Contact Centre (Storm) Customers

If you run a call or contact centre, bored of the same old wallboards and or WFH dashboards and you know anything about the importance of employee engagement, mental health and wellness and the impact this has on cost and performance, you’ll be delighted to hear that Optymyse is now able to deliver an engaging mix of content, along with real time metrics from Content Guru’s Cloud Contact Centre Solution, Storm. According to various studies; with every £1 you invest in employee mental health you can expect £5 back, companies in the top quartile for employee engagement enjoy 23% higher profits and an 81% reduction in absenteeism. This makes a very strong case for evolving away from metric only dashboards towards more engaging, people focused communication solutions like Optymyse. If you’d like to learn more about how working with SJS …

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Top 4 UK Police Forces all use Optymyse

According to the 999 performance data for April 2022, all of the top 4 forces use Optymyse Wallboards! We don’t think this is a coincidence, equally we don’t for one second think this is just because these forces have worked with SJS to better understand how using Optymyse can help them improve morale and performance. However, we do believe that the service we offer is unique in that it combines an educational element, where officers learn the science behind visual communications, with a flexible and intuitive, UK developed and supported visual communications solution, that gives them the levels of flexibility and features needed to inform and support their call handlers. We don’t like to call Optymyse a Wallboard Solution because the unique service we have been providing to the UK Police since 2009, is much more than just displaying …

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3 more Police Authorities swap standard control room wallboards for Optymyse.

Some say bad things come in threes, not in this case, SJS are delighted to have started new journeys with 3 more of the UK’s Police Authorities taking our total to 12. Thanks in part to a strong relationship with Unify which goes back over a decade, SJS have had the pleasure of helping UK Police forces to better understand the science behind employee engagement, stress and performance. This in turn has meant higher levels of call handing performance while keeping the wellbeing of offices at the forefront of what we do. In addition to the unrivalled levels of flexibility and functionality provided as part of the Optymyse visual mental health and wellness solution, I believe it’s the educational and support element that delights our police customers more than anything else we do. Demonstrating the scientific evidence which supports a …

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