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Let us help you win more Contact Centre deals

Every day hundreds of contact centre agents leave their jobs unnecessarily, often as a result of extreme disengagement. All this disruption, lost talent and expense is avoidable.

Join the fight to make agent disengagement a thing of the past, impress prospects with the latest employee engagement techniques and create emotional connections with contact centre personnel. 

It’s time to remove the stigma surrounding traditional contact centre wallboards and start creating perfect contact centre environments.

Maximum Effort:

You get 20% margin

Your technicians attend an Optymyse deployment training session with SJS (1 hour)*

Your sales team attend an Optymyse sales training session with SJS (2 hours)*

You provide quotes (online quotation tool provided)

You act as the intermediary and assist with the deployment process

You pay SJS direct (30 day terms)

You attend all calls, presentations and demonstrations with the customer

We provide remote end user training

SJS listed as partner on your website

Optymyse showcased on your website

We will list you are preferred partner on our website

SJS listed as partner on your website

*Training costs £350 / $450

Minimum Effort:

You get 10% of initial project and in perpetuity

Account manager / sales person gets a £40 / $50 Amazon voucher*

We make sure your customers avoid the disappointment and negativity associated with traditional wallboards

We make sure your customers get the latest employee engagement and wallboard technology

We present Optymyse direct to your customer / prospect

We produce the quotes and negotiate

We educate your customers about Employee Engagement and Wallboard Best Practice

We manage the deployment and training

We chase payment

We give you kudos by making it clear that YOU wanted your customers to have the best

 * Minimum order values apply. Contact SJS for details.

To show you how much we care about your success, we’ve created a PDF entitled “The art of selling to CSMs” it’ll help you create emotional connections with CS Directors.

“The art of selling to CSMs PDF”