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You are one step away from being able to start more conversations about key contact centre issues, with the decision makers and influencers who ensure the success of your contact centre tenders.

Optymyse transforms the way Contact Centres around the world use the information that is already flowing through them to reduce agent disengagement.

Optymyse helps to reduce agent stress, minimising employee attrition and when you add the ‘social’ element in it allows agents to feel far more involved and knowledgeable about the business, leading to a far better customer connection.

Due to its flexibility, with Optymyse in your product portfolio you can guarantee the success of your next contact centre deployment, because you will have the tools to exceeding the needs of contact centre personnel and senior execs.

"Optymyse is the face of your contact centre offering." Delores, Oldcastle Materials, America’s No1 supplier of asphalt and aggregates.

Right now, major players in the Contact Centre space such as Credit Unions, Banks, Utilities, Insurance, Broadband, Retail, Police and Technology are using Optymyse and in many cases they have chosen Optymyse because their vendor was unable to offer the right tools in the first place.

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