No matter how much you automate, running a contact centre is still about people and we all know that when people are happy, they deliver more in less time and customers are more likely to recommend you to others. But, how do you know if your people are happy and what can you do to […]

Born in 1970 I started work just before turning 18 in the late 80’s, at which time no one spoke about Mental Health and showing any kind of weakness at work was a definite no no. I worked long hours, got stressed and dealt with it, so when Mental Health started to be talked about, […]

Let me start by making a bold statement which is based on 25 years working in customer care, a basic understanding of Neuroscience and a desire to look after people. Organizations which ignore Mental Health, Employee Engagement and Wellness are contributing towards a lowering of immune systems, which result in illnesses (physical and mental) and […]

Leading telecommunications and contact center solutions provider DataTel Communications become the first US partner awarded Gold Partner Status by visual mental health and wellness solutions developers SJS Solutions Ltd.  Joining a distinguished list of SJS Gold partners from Europe, Idaho based DataTel Communications has completed training on topics such as SCARF, Motivational Psychology, Employee Wellness, […]

Few people know that over time our brains create automated patterns of behaviour, which left unnoticed rob us of our ability to choose how to behave. Our brains are extremely efficient because we use what neuroscientist call “Pattern Recognition” to speed up our responses. The process of pattern recognition involves matching the information received with the information […]

According to online search term data, there’s been a substantial increase in demand for technology which can help organisations protect the impact they have on the well being and health of their employees. It’s also worth mentioning that in the UK organisations are facing more and more employee claims for Psychiatric Damage caused by workplace […]

If like me you’re a manager of people and you want to make sure the people you are responsible for are protected from the dangers of work place stress I think you’ll enjoy this piece. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and when we are constantly on high alert or living under the fight or flight response, […]

According to the 2021 State of the Contact Center Report by 8×8 the future of contact centres is a hybrid mix of on-site and remote agents, so how can companies ensure that those employees, responsible for creating positive customer experiences, feel as comfortable doing this at home as they do in a full feature onsite […]

Everyday we get to work with great people who care about their employees and colleagues. Take John Myers at financial services company NewDay Cards as an example. John’s a Management Information and Planning Professional, with over a decades experience helping organisations make the most of their investments in people. But what impressed us the most […]

Certainty is a human need! It’s up there with Safety, Food and Shelter, if ignored doubt and uncertainty will heavily impact productivity and CSAT. “Why am I bothering, no one cares anyway” “I heard they’re downsizing so what’s the point of working my backside off” Left unchecked people will almost always revert to these types […]