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Work Hard, but Stay Alive!

Stress is everywhere, and whether its Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), financial worries, pressure from your boss, or yourself there are few moments in life when you can truly say you are free from stress. And nowadays you have a barrage of advise from people like me who want to tell you need to change in order to protect yourselves from the dangers of stress, which, lets be honest simply “Stresses you out, even more?” I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there and I thought I had my stress well under control and anyone who didn’t was weak. Now in my 50’s I know those views were wrong and although my healthy lifestyle helped me to deal with the stress I was under, the reality is stress almost destroyed my marriage and I made the very people I …

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Eradicate illness and build happier lives

If you want happier, zero conflict relationships with your boss, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend and colleagues you need to first become more self-aware. Science is now able to demonstrate that regular meditation, especially meditation which helps us become aware of negative learned behaviour, and gives us an approach to become better at noticing negative habits; how we react to situations, what we say, and how our bodies behave, has a powerful, positive impact on our mental and physical health. But, it doesn’t stop there, how you treat others will also change, creating a positive knock-on effect enjoyed by family, friends and work colleagues.  Although meditation has become more acceptable of late, many people still frown at these so called new-age* techniques. If you have doubts, I suggest you simply choose a negative emotion you’d like less of in your life, …

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Are you happy with the levels of happiness in your contact centre?

No matter how much you automate, running a contact centre is still about people and we all know that when people are happy, they deliver more in less time and customers are more likely to recommend you to others. But, how do you know if your people are happy and what can you do to elevate this emotion in your contact centre? Firstly, thinking your employees are happy because they get paid is a big mistake! Yes, we all need to earn some money to live, but there is no doubt that the best people will stay with you because of the way you and your brand make them feel, not the pay check. Before we can think about ways to increase happiness, we need to understand what makes happiness occur, and for this we need to look at the …

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