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Company Culture – Are Contact Centre operations approaching a Tipping Point?

As evidence continues to mount and more studies take place there is overwhelming support for a different approach to contact centre leadership. To save you time I thought it would be useful to summarise some of the most important discoveries from recent research by the most trusted sources. For those of you in customer experience, contact centre and HR roles this snapshot will help support your plans to become a more people friendly organization, to reduce the impact mental health issues are having on your people and give you access to tools being successfully used by others. If you’d like me to do more of these research roundups please like, share, comment and subscribe, but most of all be conscious of your emotions and your energy at all times. Recent Findings: When more employers place an emphasis on employee health …

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Police Control Room Wallboards you never thought possible

According to science, traditional wallboards increase stress and miss the mark when it comes to officer engagement, mental health and wellness. This is why over a third of UK Police Authorities have ditched their dull, metric heavy wallboards and are now using Optymyse. So what’s the difference between a cheap, metric only wallboard or dashboard and Optymyse? Well firstly Optymyse provides Police control room management with a set of tools, which allows them to create just about any type of design, and the ability to incorporate techniques which are scientifically  proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of value, connection and fairness. Optymyse also lends itself to other neuroscientific principles, for example our ability to process images 600% faster than we can numbers, or the fact that when officers have access to the information they need to feel certain, this …

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The power of Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of elevated emotions like Gratitude. Taking a moment right now and ask yourself “What am I Grateful for?” and notice how your face muscles change, your mouth lifts and your breath becomes deeper and more relaxed. As you focus on this amazing emotion and run through all of the things you can be grateful for, your body is releasing a cocktail of powerful and hugely beneficial chemicals capable of boosting your immune system, reducing pain and improving your mental health – Just by Moving Your Attention Towards Gratitude your mind is no longer focusing on; Deadlines, Targets, Stress, Isolation, Social Pain and other negative emotions. If you would like to feel more of this amazing emotion, boost your immune system and fill your heart with the warm glow of Gratitude try this short meditation – https://youtu.be/uwDqkxNUD0w …

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