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Why evolving away from metrics pays off

Metrics, KPI’s and SLA’s have been around for a very long time, yet there has never been any scientific proof to show that bombarding employees with this information will help you and your business achieve it’s goals. In fact the recent spot light on mental health, wellness and engagement proves that the opposite is true. Let’s take David Rock’s SCARF model as just one example of the work Neuroscientists have done to discover what makes people happy and motivated in the workplace. The diagram above shows that by using MRI scans of the brain, neuroscientists have proven that when any of these 5 elements are triggered your employees will either move towards, or away from the Threat or Reward Response. The Threat response will trigger a “Fight or Flight” response, which slows down cognitive function and increases things like absenteeism, …

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Gamification – Good, Bad or just plain Ugly?

We all know that stress, mental health and other workplace problems are on the increase, so is there a need for more Competition (Gamification)? Gamification is a word that is overused today in business, but it’s out there and the clever marketeers have convinced many companies that its good for business, but at what cost and what are the dangers. Unless very carefully executed with the knowledge of SCARF (see video link below) and how the human brain and the chemicals (hormones) in it exists, the chances are Gamification will have a competitive element to it and in the case of contact centres and customer care centres that’s bad for business. According to the Harvard Business Review who conducted several studies, they found that when employees interpret their arousal from a competition as anxiety, they are less likely to select …

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Company Culture – Are Contact Centre operations approaching a Tipping Point?

As evidence continues to mount and more studies take place there is overwhelming support for a different approach to contact centre leadership. To save you time I thought it would be useful to summarise some of the most important discoveries from recent research by the most trusted sources. For those of you in customer experience, contact centre and HR roles this snapshot will help support your plans to become a more people friendly organization, to reduce the impact mental health issues are having on your people and give you access to tools being successfully used by others. If you’d like me to do more of these research roundups please like, share, comment and subscribe, but most of all be conscious of your emotions and your energy at all times. Recent Findings: When more employers place an emphasis on employee health …

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