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5 ways to welcome your employees back

Welcome agents back to call centres, contact centres and helpdesks by replacing traditional wallboard metrics with content that enhances their work lives, wellness and mental health. “The great return to work” is giving employers the chance to finally put the health and wellbeing of their employees at the top of the agenda. Resist simply pushing call handling dashboards from your CCaaS solution onto TV screens and instead ask yourself “What content would make my team feel welcome, supported and valued” Here’s an example – https://youtu.be/ijfjZPdp3rs Avoid isolating your agents by forcing them to continue to rely solely on their desktops for information. Placing information on a shared TV screen not only brings people together it gives more importance to your messages and creates a common goal. Moving your head away from your desktop is also a useful way to alleviate …

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Meditators Test Results Stun Scientists

As someone who meditates for at least one hour every day the results of this extraordinary study do not surprise me, but what makes this so exciting is the way this evidence will change the way we view meditation, immunity, and health. In my opinion in the last few decades, we have become too dependent on pharmaceuticals and turned our back on methods which have proven to be effective long before we embarked on the quick-fix, chemical route. Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and other systems have been used to protect people from disease and ageing for thousands of years and as someone who has practiced Martial Arts and Qi Gong for decades, I can honestly say that at 51 years old I have zero health issues, almost never feel unwell, low in energy or find doing sport, or …

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Work Hard, but Stay Alive!

Stress is everywhere, and whether its Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), financial worries, pressure from your boss, or yourself there are few moments in life when you can truly say you are free from stress. And nowadays you have a barrage of advise from people like me who want to tell you need to change in order to protect yourselves from the dangers of stress, which, lets be honest simply “Stresses you out, even more?” I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there and I thought I had my stress well under control and anyone who didn’t was weak. Now in my 50’s I know those views were wrong and although my healthy lifestyle helped me to deal with the stress I was under, the reality is stress almost destroyed my marriage and I made the very people I …

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