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Mental Health Is Not Optional!

Let me start by making a bold statement which is based on 25 years working in customer care, a basic understanding of Neuroscience and a desire to look after people. Organizations which ignore Mental Health, Employee Engagement and Wellness are contributing towards a lowering of immune systems, which result in illnesses (physical and mental) and ultimately a reduction in their employees’ life expectancy. Sounds dramatic right? Think about it for a moment, we work for 40-50 years of our lives and spend on average 42.5 hours a week working, so it makes sense that if half of the hours we are awake are filled with stress, disengagement and worry it’s going to impact our health right? Science has now proven that stress hormones not only cause illness, but they down-regulate our gene’s making us less likely to enjoy an illness …

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How to reprogram negative brain patterns.

Few people know that over time our brains create automated patterns of behaviour, which left unnoticed rob us of our ability to choose how to behave. Our brains are extremely efficient because we use what neuroscientist call “Pattern Recognition” to speed up our responses. The process of pattern recognition involves matching the information received with the information already stored in the brain. However, it has been discovered that pattern recognition creates behaviours that we no longer control, instead our brains simply instruct us to say, behave and feel the same way we did in the past. Left unnoticed the brains ability to automatically make decisions about what words you use, your tone, mood, hormones and so on means you lose the ability to adjust and become a better version of yourself and fix the behaviour’s you don’t like. Let’s take long term relationships …

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Frantic businesses searching for help supporting their employees’ wellbeing.

According to online search term data, there’s been a substantial increase in demand for technology that can help with supporting organisations to protect the impact they have on the well being and health of their employees. It’s also worth mentioning that in the UK organisations are facing more and more employee claims for Psychiatric Damage caused by workplace stress. According to the HSE, pay outs range from £1,795, where there is a complete recovery within three months up to £108,620 for serious long-term effects of stress, having adverse effects upon quality of life. So how much more demand is their for employee wellness solutions? Data shows, the search terms “introducing wellbeing at work” and “employee wellbeing platform” saw increases of 900% and 800% respectively in 2020 compared to 2019. “When you see Optymyse having a positive affect and you get great feedback, …

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