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4 Things Customer Service Managers can do to protect their mental health

This blog is dedicated to Customer Service Manager and Supervisors looking for ways to save time and look after their wellbeing and the mental health of their agents.   Employee engagement, mental health and wellness are the key to the success of any call or contact centre and although a large majority of CSM’s haven’t been given the correct training to be able to understand the science behind human behaviour and motivation. However using a combination of instincts, empathy and common sense many are loved by their agents. The problem is CSM’s don’t have time to research the latest studies on employee engagement and the neuroscience of human motivation, not to mention the hundreds of so called CX improvement solutions. To help I’ve written four simple things you can do to make your life easier: If your workforce has been …

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How social experiences reduce Employee Disengagement and Absenteeism

Relationships at work are incredibly important. Humans crave social contact and connection with other people. Unfortunately, for many contact centre employees, work can be a lonely place where the pressure of meeting SLAs, call handling KPIs and adherence targets make being social almost impossible. Add traditional “ You’re here to work not make friends” management and you have a toxic mix of stress, disengagement and disconnection that is guaranteed to increase your absenteeism and staff turnover levels. The crazy thing about all of this, is that those same SLAs and KPIs, believed to be key drivers for higher levels of profitability and success are actually costing companies in terms of replacing burnt out agents, reputation and customer loyalty. For quick, inexpensive tips to tackle these and other workforce related issues plaguing contact centres, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and keep …

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Can you really motivate people with metrics?

We get it. Analytics is big business. But what message are you sending your employees when you display management information/metrics on TV screens, and what impact does it have? Publicly displayed information is influencing the mood of your employees every minute of every day; the way it’s displayed, the colours you use, the messages it sends to our conscious and subconscious. Making sure you get the right message to your employees takes some thought, but get it right and the benefits are enormous. There is a pervasive mentality in our industry around, “if something can be measured, it should be measured.” What usually follows is then something far worse: If something is being measured, we should use it to control people and punish them when the numbers aren’t what we want them to be.” SJS CEO Steve Pace worked as …

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