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Growth Mindset Leadership – Unlocking everyone’s potential

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Unlocking everyone’s potential – including your own. 

What is it that makes someone successful? What makes someone an effective leader? Do you believe that you can do anything, or do you believe that success something that only other people experience? If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt, if you believe that success is only linked to your skills and abilities or if you don’t believe that you have the capacity to truly make a difference, then it’s probably time to change your mindset.

During this intensive, 1-day workshop you will learn how:

  • To have difficult conversations
  • To develop a Growth Mindset
  • Shifting mindsets can make you a better leader
  • This mindset shift can enhance business outcomes, improve compliance and promote employee engagement
  • To use a growth mindset approach to solve problems and plan strategically

Course Code



7th December 2021 (GMT)
14th December 2021 (GST)

Method of Delivery

Online (via Teams)

Course Fee

£450 / 3000AED