About Us

Since 2001 SJS have been helping contact centre professionals and businesses benefit fully from investments in technology by creating engaging environments which meet and exceed the needs of employees.

By combining neuroscience with 20+ years’ experience in contact centres, SJS have developed visual communications software (wallboards) guaranteed to meet the needs of your employees, by doing so Optymyse will outperform all other wallboard solutions, deliver improvements in customer satisfaction and reduce expensive workforce issues.

Meet the Management Team

Stephen Pace, CEO

Ian Kaney

Chief Technology Officer

Ian is an experienced software developer with a strong desire to change the way contact centres use metrics and information to engage employees.

Steph Kaney

Training and Administration Manager

Steph is our lead trainer, voice behind our YouTube videos and also manages product deployment and administration.

Jaki Hodge

Sales Director: EMEA

Jaki is a highly experienced individual with extensive knowledge and skills in Sales and Organizational Development gained in a range of Sales and Operational positions.

Kevin Brown

Sales Director: Americas and Australia

Kevin is a proven technology, customer service, operations and sales leader with 30 years of global experience designing and managing Customer Experience solutions.

Here at SJS Solutions, we don’t subscribe to traditional wallboards, and instead are the only contact centre software company to deliver the tools required to create brain-centric contact centre environments