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Stephen Pace
Contact Centre management is tougher than most people think. I know this because I used to run one myself. What’s interesting is that, in almost all cases, the advances in technology have not had a positive impact on CX or EX. So, where’s the real opportunity?
I believe technology often distracts us from the human needs of agents, and that creating a happy workforce is still the biggest opportunity for organisations to save money and become more competitive.
SJS deliver an easy to implement set of neuro-leadership tools which build confidence in managers, supervisors and team leaders. This is then enhanced and supported by employee engagement visuals which instantly transform the way agents feel, act and perform.
— Stephen Pace, CEO, SJS Solutions

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Optymyse in conjunction with SCARF and other Neuro-leadership techniques helps you tackle expensive workforce issues, including Absenteeism, Staff Turnover, Disengagement and Mental Health.

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